About us

At Lockology, we believe in providing our customers with reliable, speedy service.  We specialize in residential and commercial rekeys, lock replacements and emergency lockout services.  We are a family owned business and operate in the greater Phoenix area.

We are a team of dedicated locksmiths who are passionate about customer service and getting a job done right the first time.  Our CEO, Tim Brannum, began his locksmithing career at the age of 22.  This type of work came easy to Tim and it was a good fit for him.  Six years ago he moved to the valley and worked for various locksmith companies.  He took this time to focus on further honing his skill until he felt comfortable and knowledgeable enough to begin his own company.  Hence, Lockology was born. 

Hire us to do your job quickly, professionally and friendly.  We will perform honest work at a fair price with a smile.

Residential-Commercial-Emergency Lockout Services

We specialize in residential and commercial rekeys, lock replacements, mailbox locks and emergency lockouts.